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Backed by nearly 20 years of experience and success, ReCapturing the Vision’s services are available in four key areas: Programs, Research, Resources and Implementation.



ReCapturing the Vision gives educators the tools they need to redirect the trajectories of children standing at the scratch line and mold them into young men and women of purpose.

Each of our programs focuses on re-engaging students in the learning process and instilling the skills and traits necessary for success. In addition to improving students’ self-esteem, resiliency, attendance, conduct and GPA, while decreasing suspensions, our programs are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • School Violence and Bullying Prevention
  • Black and Hispanic Male Achievement
  • Marriage Education
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Counseling/Case Management Services


An RTV Student Success Story

All programs can be seamlessly implemented by school districts, churches, community centers, after-school programs, summer camps and other organizations. RTV may also fund a program through grants or donate a pilot to eligible organizations for research purposes. Learn more about our programs.


RTV understands the importance of research and is committed to sharing knowledge and best practices with other organizations doing this work. Data collection is central to this effort, and RTV has developed web-based student surveys and assessment tools to collect real-time, relevant data. RTV is interested in partnering with schools, researchers and foundations to further investigate how our tools promote student achievement, so that solutions can be implemented on a large scale.


People Who Care Network

Through a series of public-private partnerships, RTV developed the People Who Care Network to meet the basic human needs that many students are lacking, so that they can come to school ready to learn. Comprised of a national network of individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and CBOs, People Who Care provides food, clothing, housing, and medical and legal services to children and families in need. Access to the People Who Care Network is not limited to students who are enrolled in RTV’s programs. Any eligible child or adult can request assistance through People Who Care.

RTV has also developed a suite of public and membership-based resources for students, teachers and parents.

“I Am A Student” features resources on college, career, health, fitness, and community service. Here students can play free games, read the latest issue of Teen Vision Magazine, or get plugged in to RTV’s Vision-On-The-Go network.

“I Am A Teacher” offers support to educators through free resources on everything from maintaining discipline in class to dealing with irate parents. This is also the portal to the private side of our website where teachers delivering RTV’s programs can access the online video curricula.

I Am A Parent” is a place for parents and couples to convene for advice and resources on parenting and marriage.

I Am A School Administrator” to come....


All of RTV’s programs can be seamlessly implemented by school districts, churches, community centers, after-school programs, summer camps and other organizations. Programs are comprehensive and include teacher training, curriculum and evaluative tools to monitor teacher effectiveness and student performance. In addition, students receive support services through the People Who Care Network and have access to incentives, special events and publications.

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